Unimi-1BaseTM concrete base



The Unimi-1BaseTM is designed to standardize and unify the installation process allowing modular achoring between any EV charger model and the concrete foundation. This creates flexibility and reduce risk in all the steps from planning & installation to maintenance & replacement. Alternative solutions, such as on-site concrete moulding increase the risk of mistakes or poor materials and typical foundations for 60 mm pipes are too light and weak to keep the  charger steady over time. After all, your concrete and cables will last for 50 years and during that time the EV chargers will be replaced, damaged, outdated several times. You want to minimize ground work at all times since that is the major cost driver for outdoor EV charging projects.

Manufacturing process

Unimi Solution manufactures through long lasting partnerships using pre-cast concrete vibration techique. The tools and processes are all ISO 9001 certified to guarantee high quality an precision between the foundation member and all adaptor models down to 0,2 mm (0,008 inch). The foundation fulfill standards EN 206-1 and is of grade C30/37, with max 0.45 water-to-cement.

AC foundations

The AC foundations are heavy 100 kg (220 lpb) and large enough to perform the very basic task of keeping the charger steady and firm over time and under heavy usage. Our experience shows that smaller foundations for 60mm pipes are too small and over time and due to just regular usage of EV chargers from charging customers insertig the charging cable runs a high probability of becoming unstable.

DC foundations

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